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CHAMPS insight2oncology® Secure Cloud-Based Analytics

Welcome to CHAMPS insight2oncology® where your cancer registry data is transformed into actionable information. Use this innovative system to guide decisions regarding your day-to-day cancer program operations as well strategic program initiatives.

About i2o®

insight2oncology (i2o) provides you with a new perspective on many facets of your cancer program and the unique insight to manage and improve your cancer services. i2o allows you to collaborate with CHAMPS to analyze and interpret your cancer data in order to:

  • Identify gaps
  • Retain and attract patients
  • Make informed decisions with confidence

i2o offers you more than 100 custom cancer data analytics reports, including administrative dashboard, as well as migration, utilization, top disease site and community profile patient-origin mapping. Contact us to learn more about your i2o data and what it can do for you.